Your living room is probably one of the most high-traffic rooms in your home—and, as such, it’s also one of the rooms most prone to accumulating mess and clutter. Here are some tips you can use to clear the clutter and get your living room organized.

  • Stop using the coffee table as a mailbox. If your coffee table is currently cluttered with bills, letters, and offers you’ll never open, it’s time to get organized. First, sort your mail and toss anything you don’t need. Then, create a designated spot for important mail that’s out of sight (and off your coffee table)—and make sure to stay on top of incoming mail and sort or toss immediately.
  • Get rid of any non-living room items. If there are any items that don’t belong in your living room (like your bathrobe, slippers, or children’s toys), get rid of them and put them in their appropriate spots. Keep a clear bin or basket in the living room to toss any non-living room items throughout the day—and make it a habit to return any items to their rightful spot in your house every night before bed.
  • Revamp your pillows and blankets. A few accent pillows and a throw blanket can make your couch look chic and cozy—but too many and your couch will look like it’s drowning in fabric and plush. Take stock of your blankets and pillows; if there’s anything that doesn’t match your current decor, has any signs of wear-and-tear, or makes your couch and living room look covered, stash it in a closet.