As you can imagine, a lot of home sellers are considering taking their house off the market until the COVID-19 virus has passed, or is at least under control.

For some people that’s totally fine to do. If they have no absolute need to sell a house, and can wait it out until they feel more comfortable, they should just wait it out.

It’s just not that cut and dry for a lot of sellers, though. Life can’t be put on hold entirely — especially since we don’t really know how long “waiting it out” will be. So for a lot of sellers, the question has become how should we proceed?

So here’s what we’ve been doing so our clients and us can lower the risk of exposure, and do our part to “flatten the curve” as they say…

  • We video ourselves doing a walk-through tour of your home.
  • Any buyers who are interested in your house are sent the video before being able to schedule to see the house in person.
  • If they like what they see, and need to get in to see it in person before making an offer, we schedule a time for you to be out and for them to see it.
  • We advise the agents and buyers not to come see the house if they are feeling sick, or have been recently exposed.
  • We also make sure that the buyer is indeed serious and qualified before allowing the appointment, more so than we even typically do (which is a lot).
  • We will assure agents and buyers that you’ve done your best to disinfect all surfaces they may touch.
  • After the showing, give any surfaces they may have touched, such as door knobs, another cleaning.
  • Reviewing offers, negotiating, and any other paperwork throughout the process can be done remotely. We will send it to you digitally, and we can go over it in real time, on the phone as well as screen sharing.
  • And of course, throughout the process, we will keep any in-person, face-to-face meetings to a bare minimum and follow the recommended distancing advice.

Of course, if you want to hold off, by all means do so! There will be buyers whenever this all settles down.

However, if you’re in a position where you need to sell your home for whatever reason, this is actually a good time to do so. You’ll likely find less seller competition, and the buyers who are looking are obviously serious and need to buy a house. We just need to take more precautions than usual to keep us all safe and healthy while continuing to live as normally as possible.

Either way, hang in there! This too shall pass!